The Final Season (feature film)
The Final Season (feature film)
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I served as one of the production coordinators on this film.  The Final Season was directed by David Mickey Evans (The Sandlot) and stars Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Rudy), Powers Boothe (Deadwood) and Tom Arnold (True Lies) and tells the true tale of a small-town baseball team who sets out to win it’s 20th State Championship against all the odds.

My primary responsibilities on this project included overseeing the production office, coordinating all cast and crew accommodations and transportation (upwards of 35 rental cars simultaneously, 80 flights and 500 hotel nights), playing mom for much of the cast and crew, coordinating crew hiring, interns, dailies and at one point, filling a baseball stadium with 2,000 extras.

Project: The Final Season
Director: David Mickey Evans
Role: Assistant Production Coordinator
Release: October 2007

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