Vault Coworking & Collaboration Space (soc entrep)
Vault Coworking & Collaboration Space (soc entrep)
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Vault Coworking & Collaboration Space is a 5,000 square-foot, flexible and affordable shared office space designed for entrepreneurs and creatives—-a clubhouse for people crazy enough to chase big ideas. Located in the heart of downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa, inside the historic Guaranty Bank 
Building, this facility provides professional office amenities, a productive coworking environment and collaboration space for entrepreneurs, startups and creatives.

The space was opened in December of 2011 and designed to serve as a physical hub for the growing entrepreneurial community being fostered in the wake of the city’s recovery (and reinvention) post the 2008 floods that ravaged the region.  In addition to providing shared and private office space, Vault hosts meetups, pitch competitions, hackathons and a myriad of educational programs for entrepreneurs both Vault members and those within the greater community.

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Project: Vault Coworking & Collaboration Space
Role: Co-founder & Community Manager

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