Around-The-World Travel

Andy Stoll recently completed a 4-year solo, independent trip around-the-world through 40 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, The Middle East, Oceania and the Americas.

World MapWhile on his trip, Andy went in search of experiences that would give him a better first person understanding of how people live in the world.  Among other things, he handed out micro-loans in China; played a 19th Century British soldier in a Bollywood movie; worked in a dress factory in Bangkok for 60 cents an hour; helped a team performing cataract surgeries for poor villagers on the remote outlying islands of Fiji and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with 10 Tanzanian street kids.

He shared beers with nomadic Tibetan herders; drank gluwein with German engineers; sipped vodka with Russian grandmas; and cooked apple pie on Armenian national television.  He learned to snowboard in the Swiss Alps; stepped off the world’s highest bungee jump in South Africa; dipped his feet in the Persian Gulf, filmed a TV show in the slums of New Delhi; slept in a capsule hotel in Tokyo; and threw a Halloween party for school kids in the rural steppe of Kazakhstan.  He lived the life of a maize farmer in Zambia; a fisherman in China; a Buddhist monk in South Korea and a cowboy in the Australian Outback.

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