Andy Stoll is a storyteller-at-heart, a sought after speaker on leadership, creativity, startup communities, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, community-building and travel. He has been a featured speaker at over 50+ American colleges and universities, The University of West Kazakhstan, The United States Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia, multiple TEDx events, The Leadershape Institute, Rotary International, The Startup America Partnership and SXSW.

Andy tells stories that draw on his experiences as a media producer, social entrepreneur, community-builder and traveler and he and his team work with organizations to create presentations that inform and inspire.

Please contact Andy if you are interested in having him speak at your business, conference or school. All talks are highly customizable and will be tailored specifically for your event. Andy can also serves as an MC for conferences and events and speaks for school groups and service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, etc).

Please contact Andy if you are interested in having him speak at your next event. If you are with a university or school, please contact The College Agency for booking information.

Andy Stoll


Leadership, Travel & Stories From Around The World

How (and Why) To Travel Around The World

A 60-minute, high-energy, inspirational presentation that motivates audiences to explore the world with their eyes wide open.  Audiences will be The talk’s hooked by Andy’s 4-year, 40-country solo trip around the world, but they will learn it draws lessons from some of his early life experiences and his transformation from a shy, quiet kid to a student and and community leader later in life. Audiences will leave the presentation inspired and will be equipped with 8 specific strategies that will help them turn their biggest dreams into a reality, whether that dream is to travel around the world or something a little closer to home.

“One of the best speakers I have heard in my life.”
-Jilian K, Student Body Vice President, University of Minnesota

Traveling Without A Map: Leadership Lessons From A Trip Around The World

Leadership is an essential and evolving set skills. As our world undergoes massive shifts and as we enter the 21st century, it feels like everything is in chaos. The only thing that seems constant these days is change, and change requires our leaders to navigate in what feels like a liquid environment with no single clear path forward. There’s no map for how to lead in a world that feels like it changing on seemingly daily basis.

Drawing for four years of independent, solo travel through 40 countries, Andy will share insightful stories and strategies he’s glean from traveling without a map, strategies that will help equip the audience for today’s ever shifting world and help them thrive as 21st century leaders.

Making The Most Of Your Study Abroad

This presentation is is designed to help students make the most of their study abroad experience. Each year thousands of students blindly stumble into study abroad experiences unprepared for the potential opportunities that await them. Many find themselves homesick, suffering from ‘culture shock’ and hanging out with a group of friends from their own country (speaking only their native language), all -the-while missing the real adventure that lies just around the corner. Andy will share stories and tips drawn from his extensive overland travels across five continents, to help students learn to maximize their time during and after a study abroad experience. Students will learn practical tips on how to overcome the obstacles of fear, loneliness and language to open up opportunities to meet the locals, forge life-long friendships, discover the hidden gems of a country and find a gateway to life-changing travel, exploration and adventure that they may never have once imagined possible.


Andy moderates a conversation with legendary skateboarder and entrepreneur Tony Hawk.

Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship

How To Change The World: Becoming A Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurs use entrepreneurial skills to solve social problems. Today, a new generation of social entrepreneurs are starting brands like Tom’s Shoes, Warby Parker, Naked Pizza and Participant Media, reinventing how we dress, how we eat, the movies we watch and the way we give back. This session will introduce you to some of the stories and strategies behind this emerging career field and how interested students might pursue a career as a social entrepreneur.

Social entrepreneurship is one of the fastest growing career interests for the millennial generation as they seek to find ‘meaningful’ jobs, but with such a burgeoning field, students find it difficult to identify clear paths into social entrepreneurial jobs.

In this presentation, social entrepreneur Andy Stoll will share an introduction to the social entrepreneurial field, along with contemporary examples of successful social enterprises, while providing specific career advice to students on how they might enter the field. Students will leave this presentation with a clearer understanding of what a social entrepreneur does, and some specific strategies on how to pursue such a career. This talk is an extended version of Andy’s popular TEDx Talk “How To Be A Social Entrepreneur.”

I am intrigued by the concept of social entrepreneurship. After hearing Andy, my eyes are opened to all sorts of possibilities. I can’t tell you how much it all meant to me. -Nate Nienaber, Clark College

Fostering A More Entrepreneurial City

This presentation is a case study approach to building entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems at the city and regional level, and is best for audience of city leaders, economic developers and entrepreneurial community leaders.  Diving into more than a decade of on the ground, grassroots work, this talk helps to explain the shift from the industrial age to the new innovation-driven era that we are now entering. In this talk, Andy covers game-tested strategy that cities can use to build regional innovation ecosystems by cultivating connections and a culture that unlocks latent entrepreneurial talent. This talk is based on Andy’s popular TEDx Talk “Fostering A More Entrepreneurial City.


Startup Community Alchemy: Lessons Learned For Growing Startup Communities in Off-The-Beaten Path Places

This presentation draws on the many stories for lessons learned on how regions and cities can remain relevant in the newly emerging innovation-driven, creativity-centric, hyper-networked, internet-fueled world. Drawing on Andy’s research and stories from New Orleans, Nashville, Boulder, Omaha and Cedar Rapids, this talk focuses on how regions not traditionally known as hotbeds for entrepreneurship can grow a more, innovative, creative and globally networked community of entrepreneurs, creatives and startups from the ground-up, to foster job creation and engage a new generation of emerging entrepreneurs in building the economic future of their community. This presentation focuses on the importance of building a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem and draws on stories of the movement that we are seeing worldwide from Shanghai to Chicago. This presentation was initially developed for The Startup America Partnership, a White House initiated, public-private partnership that is working to foster and grow more entrepreneurship as one of the economic drivers of the United States.

Making Ideas Happen In Your Community: The James Gang

Andy is the co-founder and former board president of The James Gang, Inc, a nonprofit, community-building, social entrepreneurial incubator called by Creative Class Economist Richard Florida: “One of the best examples of the creative class that I’ve ever seen.”

Founded and led entirely by young people all under the age of 23, The James Gang created innovative and cool projects that fostered unprecedented cross-generational, community-collaborations between the public, private and government sectors, while engaging and investing hundreds of students and young professionals in their communities. For its work The James Gang was recognized by The United Way of America, Economist Richard Florida and Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and his wife Christie. The James Gang was selected as the 2005 Iowa City Press-Citizen Person of the Year for having ‘the largest impact on the community that year.’

Andy tells the story of how The James Gang came to be and why it succeeded in engaging young people in their communities, where other more traditional efforts by the government, public and private sectors fell short. In this targeted presentation, Andy will share information about The James Gang’s and other success stories from around the US of ways cities have successfully empowered young people to take part in their communities, to grow quality-of-life, diversity and entrepreneurial opportunities, while reversing generational divisions and the ‘brain drain.’ This presentation will help municipalities, chambers and economic development groups better understand community-building in the 21st century and will encourage these groups to find ways to engage their own community’s young professionals and students in collaborative work.

“It’s safe to say I can listen to Andy Stoll talk all day long. #inspired” -Roshni Chokshi

What Travel Teaches Us About Entrepreneurship

This entertaining and humorous presentation is built around a number of entertaining tales of travel in foreign lands that distill three key lessons for entrepreneurs. #1 The hardest part is leaving; #2 You have to become comfortable being uncomfortable; #3 You have to be OK waking up in Budapest.

Launch Day Stage

Andy MC’s for a crowd of nearly 900 people at Launch Day for the Iowa Startup Accelerator


Andy travels year-round as a speaker and can develop customized presentations for corporate, educational or nonprofit audiences. For more info, references, booking info, and fees please contact +1 319.855.0895 or contact Andy via this contact form.

Andy is represented on the college market by the fine folks at The College Agency and Andy is a member of The National Association of Campus Activities.

Andy speaking


“I left in absolutely jubilance after listening to Andy Stoll. He has such soul, such heart, such spontaneity, such compassion for the world, and such a wise take on so many diverse issues.”

John Rigby, Teach for America

“Andy’s story has really been a major source of inspiration and simply gives me hope for my own future.”

Brian L, student at The University of Iowa

“We’ve had many wonderful people come into our class. Tony Hsieh of Zappos and Ashton Kutcher have spoke to my students for example. What I can tell you in all honesty is that when all is said and done, Andy’s is the name they remember, his story is the one they care about.”

David Gould, faculty at The University of Iowa

There are only a few people I have ever met with Andy’s unique experiences, insights, and perspectives. That he possesses the gift of communicating these experiences and insights in an enthralling manner guarantees a must-go event.

Zarkaria S, Citrus Ventures

Andy has a charisma that cannot be explained in words. You just have to experience it. And that certain je ne sais quoi that will have you begging for more.

Lynsee M

“I have been working in universities for 10 years and I have never seen a group of students as engaged with a speaker, as my students were with Andy.”

Tara Edberg, The University of San Diego

“He was a dream to work with to get here; did a wonderful job with his presentation; and was so interested in those people who wanted to talk with him both before and after his presentation. I would have him back here in a heartbeat, and recommend him to any school who needs a speaker who can connect with students!”

Sue Thompson, Office of the Executive Vice President, Central Wyoming College


U of Connecticut 2/15/16 Storrs, CT.
College of DuPage
11/19/15 Glen Ellyn, IL
NACA West Showcase
11/13/15 Spokane, WA
Jamestown CC
11/11-12/15 Jamestown, NY
NE Iowa CC 11/3-4/15
Peosta & Calmar, IA
Iowa Western CC
 11/28/15 Council Bluffs, IA
Century College
10/20/15 White Bear Lake, MN
Cornell College
Sept 28-Oct 22, 2015. Mt Vernon, Iowa (teaching)
Iowa Community College Conference
8/25/15 Ft Dodge, IA
Old Dominion
9/24/15 Norfolk, VA
U of Arkansas Fayetteville
U of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Peru State College
8/23/15 Peru, NE
Illinois Institute of Technology 
8/21/15 Chicago
Penn State  8/21/15 York, PA
Iowa Startup Accelerator 8/12/15 Cedar Rapids, IA
Midwest Community Development Institute 8/11/15 Moline, IL
Northeastern State U 8/6 & 10/15 Tahlequah, OK
HOBY World Congress 7/18/15 Chicago
Iowa HOBY 6/13/15 Pella, IA
5/20-22/15 Iowa City, IA
NACA Northern Plaines
4/17/15 Madison
Ebola Innovation Summit
4/21/15 San Francisco
South Dakota State U
4/7/15 Brookings, SD
Alverno College
3/18/15 Milwaukee, WI 
 2/28/15 Hershey, PA
Sauk Valley CC 2/27/15 Dixon, IL
Downers Grove South HS 2/26/15  Chicago
Des Moines CC 2/25/15 Des Moines, IA
Kirkwood CC 2/24/15 Cedar Rapids, IA   
Sam Houston State U
2/21/15 Huntsville, TX
NACA Nationals
2/15/15 Minneapolis, MN 
Startup Weekend Anchorage
2/6/15 Alaska
Vincennes University
1/29/15 Jasper, IN
Startup Weekend Sofia 11/20/14  Bulgaria
Startup Weekend Kiev
11/15/14 Ukraine
Gonzaga U 11/10/14 Spokane, WA
NACA NE Showcase 10/31/14 Hartford, CT
Illinois Directors of Student Activities 10/24/14 Chicago
APCA Showcase 10/24/14 Chicago, IL
U of Texas Arlington 10/22/14 Dallas, TX
Rise of the Rest Tour 10/8/14 Des Moines
South Dakota Innovation Expo 9/25/14
Algona, Iowa 9/29-9/30/14
Willimette U 9/23/14 Salem, OR
Alvin College 9/13/14 Houston, TX
U of Wisconsin 9/2/14 Oshkosh, WI
St. Thomas U, 8/28/14 St. Paul, MN
Tusculum College, 8/25/14 Greenville, TN
Lake Forest College, 8/23/14 Illinois
Startup America Summit 8/21/14 Nashville
Milikin U. 8/19/14 Decatur, Illinois
Brescia U. 8/18/14 Owensboro, Kentucky
Vincennes U. 8/15/14 Vincennes, Indiana
Clark College. 5/7/14 Vancouver, WA.
Tacoma CC. 5/6/14 Tacoma, WA
Everett CC. 5/6/14. Everett, WA
Emporia St University. 4/23/14 Emporia, KS
Cal State Poly. 4/17/14 Pomona, CA
Arkansas Tech. 4/16/14 Russelville, AR
U of Missouri. 4/10/14 Columbuia, MO
Rotary D6670 Conf. 4/5/14 Cincinnati, OH
SEPC Atlanta. 3/28-29/14 Atlanta, GA
Aurora U. 3/26/14 Aurora, IL
Gonzaga U. 3/20/14. Spokane, WA
Spokane Falls CC. 3/19/14
Whitworth U. 3/17/14 Spokane, WA
Innovation Market 2/27/14 Sioux City, IA

Starting a Social Enterprise
6th Social Enterprise Symposium
University of Maryland
College Park, MA. (USA)

Who Will You Create (video)
University of Iowa Commencement Address 2013
Iowa City, Iowa. (USA)

How (and Why) To Travel Around The World
Austin, Texas (USA)
More info here.

Perspectives on Creativity 4/30/13
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa (USA)

Making Ideas Happen In Your Community 5/2/13
Quad Cities YP Symposium & Awards
Rock Island, Illinois (USA)

Explore. Dream. Discover. 8/19/13
Honors Primetime at The University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa (USA)

Central Wyoming College Convocation 8/29/13
Riverton, Wyoming (USA)

Maine Maritime Academy 9/3/13
Castine, Maine (USA)

TEDxRedding (video) 9/7/13
Fostering A More Entrepreneurial City
Redding, California (USA)

Entrepreneurship & Making Ideas Happen
Chippewa Valley Tech
Eau Claire, Wisconsin (USA)

How To Change The World 9/21/13
Rotary International
Lexington, Kentucky (USA)