Startup Community Alchemy: Building A Startup Community

Fostering a More Entrepreneurial City by Andy Stoll at TEDxRedding (Sept 2013)

Startup Community Alchemy Chart

Startup Community Alchemy: A Model for Building An Entrepreneurial Ecosytem developed as a model by Seed Here Studio

Startup Phenomenon 2013 – Startup Community Case Study: Silicon Prairie & Cedar Rapids
(Boulder, November 2013)

Startup Community Alchemy Presentation (Sioux Falls, October 2012)

This presentation was prepared for the South Dakota Innovation Expo 2012  in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA on October 23-24, 2012. This deck builds upon a presentation developed for The Startup America Partnership  and adds key insight from Boulder, Colorado, based on the indispensable work and insight of Brad Feld (tip: buy his book).

This is a short presentation on some of the learning derived from research in New Orleans, Omaha and Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, on how to catalyze and begin to build a connected network/ecosystem for entrepreneurs in a city not traditionally known for a strong entrepreneurial culture.  This presentation  is not intended to present a comprehensive solution, but rather some key principles and a common theoretical model that has emerged in the research.  This is certainly a work in progress and your feedback is welcome