Creative Work

My creative work primarily focuses on storytelling through film/video/tv, but I also bring a splash of visual design, print, photography, audio and digital work experience to the table.

My social entrepreneurial work focuses on building community, fostering collaboration, empowering individuals, encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship and using stories as a tool to affect change.

At the heart of what I do best is lead teams of people to tell stories and to create and grow ideas into tangible realities.  I do my best work at the intersection of creativity, community and entrepreneurship.

Below are examples of some of my past projects.

Magician Nate Staniforth takes a trip around the world in search of magic.
A 5,000-sq-foot coworking space designed for startups, entrepreneurs and creatives--a clubhouse for those crazy enough to chase big ideas.
A boutique creative and community-building agency, with a social good mission, focused on growing entrepreneurial and creative communities worldwide.
ESPN put together an ambitious multimedia production team to tell the story of Adventurer Charlie Wittmack and his World Tri.
A community-curated online gathering point for an offline creative community.
An unprecedented human endurance challenge following adventure Charlie Wittmack attempting the world's most difficult triathlon.
The 1st feature from Emmy-nominated TV Director Becky Smith (Queer Eye For The Straight Guy).
A collection of some of my favorite photos from my professional work & play.
An ongoing project taking a look at the people & places of the world.
Delivering sight to villagers in the Fijian islands.
Cricket sports comedy starring Bollywood hunk John Abraham.
A cow, a camera and a 50,000 mile trip around-the-world.
An epic Bollywood action-drama-adventure starring megastar Salman Khan. A movie I didn't so much work on, as I worked in.
A collaborative, community-building project that quite literally serves its community, on beverage coasters.
David Mickey Evans (The Sandlot) directs Sean Astin (Rudy, Lord of The Rings) in this underdog baseball movie based on a compelling true story.
A pioneering project to bring free, outdoor wireless internet to Iowa's parks and urban spaces.
A documentary following American magician Nate Staniforth on his US tour.
A project to engage young people in their communities that culminates in a free concert by a nationally known performer, for which the only admission
A cause-oriented ad display to raise funds for a pediatric oncology charity and The Children’s Miracle Network.
A community-building social entrepreneurial incubator founded in 2002.