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Andy Stoll is an American-based social entrepreneur and producer.


Andy currently serves as a Senior Program Officer at The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, one of the world’s largest foundation supporting entrepreneurship and education, and is a producer for Nate Staniforth’s World Magic Tour.

At The Kauffman Foundation, Andy is responsible for the implementation and management of the Foundation’s entrepreneurial ecosystem development strategy. Prior to that work, Stoll co-founded Seed Here Studio in Iowa City, a company that specialized in innovation ecosystem building in unexpected places. Stoll is the co-founder of six entrepreneurial-focused organizations, most recently The Startup Champions Network, the nation’s first professional association for full-time innovation ecosystem builders.

Andy’s past work includes projects with The Case Foundation/Revolution Ventures, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and The Bohemian Foundation, building innovation ecosystems in technology, global health and music, respectively.

Andy previously served on the faculty at Cornell College where he taught a 3.5 week project-based, problem-centered, experiential course on entrepreneurship and making ideas happen, which leverages the college’s unique one-course-at-a-time calendar.

Andy works best leading teams in pursuit of new ideas and innovative solutions and strongly believes in the power of stories and connections to influence people, inspire action and affect positive change.

Andy has two widely viewed TEDx talks: Fostering A More Entrepreneurial City and How to Become a Social Entrepreneur, and also delivered the 2013 Commencement address at The University of Iowa.

He is represented as a speaker by The College Agency.

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A storyteller and connector-at-heart, Stoll’s film, television and media work has taken him around the globe from the corn fields of Iowa to the cricket fields of Bollywood, from deep in the rural Tibetan mountains to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, from the rain forest villages of the most remote of Fijian islands to the manicured Queen’s gardens of Windsor Castle.

His social entrepreneurial work focuses primarily on innovation, community-building, cities, creativity and making ideas happen. He co-founded The James Gang, a community-building creativity- and social entrepreneurial-incubator that was named the Iowa City Press Citizen ‘Person of the Year’, as the group that had the largest impact on the community. His work with Amanda West to build Seed Here Studio has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine. In 2013,  Andy co-taught and helped design a social entrepreneurial course at the University of Iowa in collaboration with faculty member David Gould and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, that had a team of 14 college students building a social enterprise in Downtown Las Vegas as part of Hsieh’s Downtown Project.  Seed Here also worked with The Paul Allen Family Foundation, The Skoll Global Threats Fund and USAID to produce the Ebola Innovation Summit in San Francisco, and is a producing partner for Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest Tour. Stoll also worked with The Bohemian Foundation to launch The Music District, a Colorado-based music ecosystem building organization.

Stoll’s current project under production is Nate Staniforth’s Real Magic Tour. Prior to that Andy’s work includes co-producing a web series on world magic with Nate Staniforth and serving as associate producer for 16 To Life, the award winning, feature film from Emmy-nominated television director Becky Smith (Queer Eye For The Straight Guy). Stoll also worked as the creative director for a new media endeavor following adventurer Charlie Wittmack’s 10,000 mile World Tri that stretched from England to the top of Mt. Everest—his work with ESPN on the project won two 2011 EPPY Awards, which are among the most prestigious awards for online journalism. Andy also designed and authored the travel filmmaking curriculum for MatadorU, an online school for travel journalism, part of the Matador Network, the world’s largest independent travel magazine.

Stoll completed a 4-year solo, independent trip around-the-world through 40 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, The Middle East, Australia, Oceania and The Americas in an effort to better understand how people live in the world, experiencing everything from life in a rural mud hut village in Africa to working in a dress factory in Bangkok (Read more at noboundaries.org). Along the way he explored entrepreneurial opportunities and studied communities, education systems, economies, cultures, media industries and people.

Stoll was named one of the top 25 most influential business leaders in Eastern Iowa by The Corridor Business Journal (CBJ); served as one of the youngest student body presidents at The University of Iowa; and has been nationally recognized for his public service and social entrepreneurial work by Rotary International, The Harry S. Truman Foundation and The American Institute of Public Service.

Stoll served as an adjunct faculty member at Cornell College in the Department of Economics and Business, where he taught an intense 3.5 week project-based, problem-centered, experiential course on entrepreneurship and making ideas happen. Students launched real-world social entrepreneurial ventures during the course, which takes advantage of the college’s unique one-course-at-a-time model.

Stoll is a sought after speaker on leadership, creativity, cities, community-building, entrepreneurship and travel and has been a featured speaker at over 50+ American colleges and universities, The University of West Kazakhstan, The United States Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia, multiple TEDx events, The Leadershape Institute, Rotary International, the HOBY World Leadership Congress and SXSW. Andy often speaks with high school and college audiences to encourage young people to pursue travel, adventure and exploration, as a way to uncover the multitude of opportunities the world offers.

Stoll is also a global facilitator for Startup Weekend, a 54-hour event that happens in more than 500+ cities worldwide, to give anyone that chance to try entrepreneurship. Andy most recently facilitated events in Kiev, Ukraine and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Stoll holds a BA in media production with honors and a BBA in business management with honors from The University of Iowa, as well as a Masters Degree in Media Cultures with highest distinction from The City University of Hong Kong.

Stoll moonlights as a photographer, sometimes chef and occasional cooking class instructor.

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