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The Coaster Project (social entrep)
The Coaster Project (social entrep)
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The Coaster ProjectA community-building project that quite literally serves its community, on beverage coasters, creating a win-win-win by connecting artists, nonprofits and local restaurants.

The project was designed to address three local challenges: 1) young artists and designers have very few avenues to get their work displayed in public, 2) most local nonprofit organizations lack the funds and resources to spent time on design and advertising and 3) local restaurants and bars want more local business and creative viral incentives that will bring new patrons into their establishments.

The Coaster Project was designed to use these three challenges to solve themselves.

Here’s the process:

  1. An open call was made to artists and designers to create 4-inch drink coasters to promote local nonprofit organizations.
  2. The eight best coaster designs were selected by a community judging panel.
  3. 10,000 coasters were printed through financial partnerships with local restaurants and bar owners.
  4. The general public was then encouraged through collaborative advertising to seek out and collect this special set of ‘artist-made’ coasters by visiting participating establishments during a focused month long period, kicked off by the local arts festival.  Ads were put in the newspaper and around town to promote the project, the coasters, the artists and the local restaurants.

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