The World Magic Project (TV/web)
The World Magic Project (TV/web)
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I worked as executive producer and co-creator for this web/tv concept, which follows magician Nate Staniforth on a trip around the world in search of magic.  From voodoo doctors in Haiti to snake charmers in India to fortune tellers deep in the African bush, Nate circles the globe in search of magic, while seeking to understand our universal fascination with amazement and the unexplainable.

The project was filmed over the course of 30-days traveling overland in Thailand, India and China.  We hired Indian, Thai and Chinese crews, and I served as line producer and 1st camera operator for the shoot as well.

This is part of the Magician Nate Staniforth’s ongoing web series.

Project: Nate Staniforth Magician Series
Role: Executive Producer and Co-Creator
Status: On the Web / in TV Development (WGAW Registered 1418711)

Series Preview


India, Day 1 (Episode 19)

Varanasi (Episode 20)

The Snake Charmer (Episode 21)


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  1. Kyle Eason says:

    Hey Andy – Just watched a couple of episodes of the World Magic Project and was very impressed. Nate is an intriguing character with a beautiful dream – to be born again, so to speak – to be refreshed. You did a great job selecting music and scenes. I’ve subcribed. I’m curious to see where this project goes from here. Kyle

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